AirBnb host kicks guest out of house after she 'complained about mouldy ...

A woman has taken to TikTok with claims she has "horror stories" about a popular homestay marketplace. But, one "favourite" stands out – and it's gross.

Kendall Marie, who posts under the username @msmysteryjones, said she received a complaint that one of the hosts fed their guests spaghetti bolognese "made out of dog food" to welcome them into their home.

Kendall later explained in a clip that she allegedly "worked for a company hired by Airbnb" in the call centre department. Airbnb told Indy100: "On background, this user is not and has never been an Airbnb employee."

It all started when Kendall received a complaint from the guests. They claimed the apartment owner was living under the same roof as them – despite being advertised as a private rental. Kendall told the host to change the listing or face penalties. She also noted that the guests were sweet about it all.

They then highlighted a second issue...

"She made us spaghetti," Kendall recalls the guests telling her, which she believed to be "really nice". However, they proceeded to tell her that the welcome meal tasted strange, prompting them to check the owner's bin.

"‘We couldn’t find any canned ground beef or canned ground meat or any styrofoam packaging for ground meat,’” Kendall claims the guests told her. “‘We did find an empty can of dog food, though.’"

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#stitch with @ken refund money exchanged hands that day and i had people coming up to me all day to tell them about the dog food spaghetti

Kendall smacked her hand over her mouth, recalling: "The amount of reviews that I had to look over and the people praising her welcome spaghetti was… trauma."

The viral clip has received a staggering 800,000 viewers at the time of writing as fellow TikTokers headed to the comments section in disbelief.

One user highlighted: "There was zero proof it was dog food though so ya," while another warned: "Never take food from strangers."

While a third user joked: "Could have been poisoned. suit yourself lucky."

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