Enterprising Girl Scouts set up cookie stand outside Oregon marijuana dispensary to 'cure the munchies'

Girl Scouts in Oregon have channelled their entrepreneurial spirit by setting up a stall to sell their cookies in front of a Portland pot shop.

The makeshift poster they designed was simple and to the point, and read 'satisfy your munchies.'

The girls were under the supervision of an aunt, and the girls had not technically broken Girl Scouts rules, local news station KATU reports.

Picture: Screenshot/ABC news

Oregon legalised recreational marijuana in 2015, and is the latest state to have done so after Colorado, Washington and Alaska.

As predicted, people coming out of the shop quickly noticed a cure for their munchies.

The stall was such a success that the owners of Foster Buds, the marijuana shop, offered a discount of their own Girl Scout cookie weed for customers who bring in one box of cookies.

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