NYC mayor tells people to cool off at beach - but shark sightings just closed them

Mayor Eric Adams tells people to cool off at beaches

New York City Mayor Eric Adams urged people to visit the beaches to cool off in the sweltering heat - right as the city's Rockaway beaches were closed because of shark sightings.

In a video uploaded to Adams' Twitter account, the mayor spoke about a new heat advisory alert the city will be implementing this week from July 20 to July 21.

"We're looking at temperatures to be in the upper 90s on Wednesday and Thursday. This is serious heat, and we're really concerned about those, particularly with pre-existing respiratory conditions," he said.

Adams also said that the city would be opening up cooling centres which will be opened on Wednesday and Thursday.

He also noted that pools and beaches are, of course, an option to stay cool before sharing the city's website for more tips.

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But as he was saying this, Rockaway newspaper The Wave shared news of shark sightings which had temporarily closed the beaches.

On Tuesday, two sharks were spotted, one at Beach 67th and the other at Beach 102nd Street.

This caused the closure of all the Rockaway's seven miles of beach.

"NYPD Aviation is currently doing aerial surveillance, and we will reopen the beach when it is safe to do so," a Parks Department spokesperson said in a conversation with The Wave.

A Parks Enforcement Officer and other beachgoers at Beach 67th also told the outlet that at least one of the sharks allegedly "bumped" a swimmer.

Parks and the NYPD also told the beachgoers to come out of the water.

People took to Twitter to share their feelings, many of which were of concern for the Rockaways.

One wrote: "Well, that's not good. Shark bites closing the beaches in a heatwave. Not good. Not good at all. Climate change is real, folks and if we have to deal with warmer waters (which attract the sharks) and unbearable temps...ohmygoodness, watchoutnow."

"Is there literally NO WHERE safe to be?!" another added.

A third, who tried to make light of the situation and liked it to National Geographics Shark Week, wrote: "Shark Week on Rockaway!"

The Wave also noted that these closures happened after another sighting in Far Rockaway caused the beaches to shut down from Beach 9th to Beach 29th Street on Sunday (17 July).

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