New York City wants to find a 'badass' who'll earn $170,000-a-year to kill rats

New York City wants to find a 'badass' who'll earn $170,000-a-year to kill rats
NYC rats and trash

Rats tend to be a nuisance in big cities like New York.

Government data from October shows that rat sightings increased by 71 per cent in the city since that time in 2020.

Due to the increased rodent appearances, the city is on the hunt for someone to help with that problem.

On Thursday (1 December), New York City Mayor Eric Adams took to his official Twitter to share that he is looking for someone with a “killer instinct” who can get rid of the rats in the Big Apple.

“There’s NOTHING I hate more than rats.

“If you have the drive, determination, and killer instinct needed to fight New York City’s relentless rat population — then your dream job awaits,” Adams captioned his tweet.

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He also attached a link to a story from Gothamist that addresses the job, which will pay the future employee a whopping $120,000 to $170,000.

The job - more formally known as New York’s Citywide Director of Rodent Mitigation - encourages people to apply who have a background in “urban planning, project management, or government.”

“As leader of the ‘Rat Pack,’ you will work with your colleagues from across city government, traveling throughout the five burrows, educating, evaluating, and eradicating in equal measure,” the job description reads.

It also suggests that it’s looking for a candidate who is “somewhat bloodthirsty” and eager to look at the issue and make ‘solutions from various angles.”

A candidate with a “swashbuckling attitude, crafty humor, and general aura of badassery.”

Elsewhere, the perfect candidate should be a New York City resident within 90 days of accepting the job, have a Bachelor’s Degree in public policy or a similar subject, and have knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Rats have been on the scene in New York City, causing mayhem along the way.

One rat made its way into a dog park which caused all the furry friends to go wild.

Another rat, seemingly rushing home for dinner, was caught running through the subway tracks with a crab in its mouth.

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