Etiquette expert says people are buttering their bread wrong - but his technique is branded 'barbaric'

Etiquette expert says people are buttering their bread wrong - but his technique is branded 'barbaric'
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Fresh bread slathered with butter is one of those snacks you simply can never go wrong with. A sure crowd-pleaser, bread and butter is regularly served at restaurants, parties, and other events.

But according to one etiquette coach, we've all been preparing and eating it wrong, or at least, not in the best etiquette.

The TikTok user @apwasiwine shared that there's actually a very specific process you should be doing if your hope is to be classy.

He claims that when presented with a bread basket, you should never butter the whole slice at once, as most people do.

Though he calls that method "practical," he then explains that the correct way to butter your bread is to instead break the bread into smaller, bitesize pieces, and butter them individually.

He said: "Breaking bread 🥖 #APWASI #etiquettetips #etiquettelessons #etiquettecoach #teachersoftiktok


Breaking bread 🥖 #APWASI #etiquettetips #etiquettelessons #etiquettecoach #teachersoftiktok

Breaking bread 🥖 #APWASI #etiquettetips #etiquettelessons #etiquettecoach #teachersoftiktok

"Many people will take the entire piece of bread and butter it on their plate. Practical, certainly, but in terms of etiquette, it's incorrect," he says in the video.

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"Take the entire piece of butter and place it onto your plate. This is where the saying comes from, breaking bread. You break the bread into small pieces, mouth-sized."

"Butter it, and there you go. Perfect!" he concludes.

His tip, however, was not well received by those online.

One person wrote, "How to waste time doing something desperately simple."

While another added: "The extra steps seem ridiculous. Putting the butter on the plate, ripping it into bite-size pieces. And ripping the bread apart seems barbaric."

"You have to draw the line somewhere ... This doesn’t even make sense, it looks like it made more mess," said another.

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