One man's photos show how mindlessly we use Facebook

Zach Lamplugh/Facebook

Are you at the age when your Facebook feed is filling up with engagement photos?

The 3am selfies from wild nights out slowly get replaced with those long-term couples who’ve finally made the next step, and it just makes you feel old.

And all those pictures get about a billion likes. But are their friends actually looking at the photos they like, or is it just a Pavolvian response to a big rock on a girl's finger?

Comedian Zach Lamplugh however perfectly trolled all those smug couples with these genius engagement photos.

First he posted this:

And then this:

And then these:

Did you spot fiance number one in the background?

All these post kept getting loads of likes and congratulations.

Ok, we're pretty sure most people were in on the joke, but the idea of people blindly clicking on the thumbs up just to pretend to care is just too perfect.

HT: Refinery29

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