Tom Holland flustered after This Morning host’s ‘weird’ confession

A woman got a pretty big shock when she realised who was sitting across from her on a flight from Italy back to the UK - only Spider-Man himself, Tom Holland.

TikToker Sophia (@urfavsophiiiaa) posted a video that shows both her and the actor posing for a snap with masks on the flight, with Holland throwing up a peace sign in the photo.

Clearly stunned by her celebrity encounter, there is a video of Sophia holding her face in shock, with the overlay text reading in caps: "I just met Tom Holland and sat next to him on a plane for 3 hours."

In the unedited clip, Holland can be heard giving a birthday message to one of Sophia's friends. Sporting a black beanie and mask, the actor said: "Hi Minnie, I heard it's your birthday. You have a very good friend here, she asked me to do a video for you," as he panned the camera around to Sophie who gave a thumbs up and moved the camera back to wish the friend a happy birthday.

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Since sharing her experience of randomly having an A-list travel buddy next to her on the flight, Sophia's TikTok has received a whopping 15.8m views, 3.9m likes, along with over 84,000 comments from people who were perhaps a tad jealous of Sophia's luck.

One person wrote: "I’ve never been more jealous," which 88,000 people liked in agreement.

"NO WAY I COULD NOT BE MORE JEALOUS," another person said.

Someone else added: "How does it feel to be gods favourite."

"HOW DOES IT FEEL TO LIVE MY DREAM," a fourth person replied.

One person even joked: "Imagine if u didnt know and started watching a him w him in it," to which Sophia admitted she had originally planned to watch Spider-Man before knowing she would be sitting next to Holland: "PLSSS I WAS GPNNA WATCH SPIDER-MAN TOO."

Of course, the question everyone had for Sophia was, did she keep her cool around the Spider-Man star?

Not quite it seems, as she detailed in the comments section: "GUYS I WAS NOT CALM IT TOOK ME 45 MINS TO SAY SMT [something] AFTER I STOPPED SHAKING PLS."


unreal omg 😭😭 #fyp #foryou #tomholland

In a follow-up video, Sophia shared a storytime about the entire experience and explained how she managed to recognise Holland even though he was wearing a face mask - this video also has gone viral with over 1.3m views.

"Basically I got on the flight and I saw him [Holland] and I could tell it was him by his eyebrows but I wanted to make sure if he wasn't an Italian guy or something," she said.


Reply to @urfavsophiiiaa STORYTIME!!! #fyp

"I didn't talk to him for like 45 minutes while I was shaking, my heart was racing, it was really scary, and then I waited for a bit," though the TikToker did add that she let him through to get to the toilet in this time.

When she "finally got the nerve," Sophia plucked up the courage to ask her neighbour if he was Tom Holland. She then asked if he could record a video for a friend's birthday which he did - this the video clip seen in the original TikTok.

Sophia then asked for a photo with him that is also included at the beginning of the viral video.

Overall Sophia summed up how she spoke to him for 10 minutes on the three-hour flight and described the entire experience as "really exciting."

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