Father fumes at daughter for not naming her child after him despite having a girl

Father fumes at daughter for not naming her child after him despite having a girl
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Choosing baby names is an essential thing because expected parents need to come to a mutual agreement about names they love.

But what happens when the family doesn't particularly care for the chosen name?

Well, a murky situation ensues, as is the case of one mother-to-be whose father is upset she doesn't want to name her unborn after him - although the child is a girl.

In a post that was published to the Reddit thread Am I The A**hole, the woman said that she was inspired to name her daughter Cassandra after a dream she had.

And although the "meaning it carries" for her and her significant other, the woman's dad refused to accept her name choice.

"My dad says I am horrible at choosing names. He says I haven't named my dogs correctly and that I won't give my daughter a fitting name either," she wrote.

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"Furthermore, he keeps saying I should name my daughter Madison, so we can call her Maddie for short instead of Cassie. His reasoning: so I can say I named her after him. His name is Aaron."

The woman also said that her father is so set on the name preference that he created a Facebook poll to ask his friends to share their opinions. He even approached people named Cassandra and Madison for their preferences.

The woman further said that her father would joke around, saying that "even if I named her Cassandra that he will still call her Maddie and make her eventually side with him when she gets older."

The name debacle came to a peak when the woman, who became furious, slammed her dad, calling him a "Karen."

Torn by what to next, the woman concluded her Reddit post: "Did I take it too far by calling him a Karen? Is Madison a better name after all?" "I didn't realise naming my own child would cause such an uproar in the family…"

People took to the post's comments section to ensure to be by her side in this ordeal.

One person wrote: "She's YOUR daughter. Why does your dad get to have a say in what you name her?

"Cassandra is a beautiful name."

Not the a******, and he's being super weird. Pops doesn't get veto power over you and your hubby, in any universe, anywhere," another added.

A third wrote: "Not the a******, but I think you've learnt a very important life lesson here. Opinions are like a-holes. Everyone has one, never share your baby names unless you want someone to comment on it."

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