Imagine a world where Father Christmas (who FYI is 100 per cent real) could see your Twitter feed, would you find your stocking full of Apple Watches and drones or would you awake on Jesus' birthday to discover nothing but a lump of coal?

It's a question we've been asking since the advent of Twitter.

And now, thanks to Social Santa we need wonder no more.

The Twitter crawler will analyse your tweets to check how many times you've used bad language online and generate a score based on the frequency of your obscene outburst.

Then a team of "digital magic elves" will let you know whether you're on the naughty or nice list.

This reporter for example has been really f---ing bad on the internet and will have zero gifts from Santa...

Her colleague, on the other hand, will be overcome with gifts. Good job Evan.

Merry bloody Christmas.

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