Firefighters called to rescue dog on a roof but told that 'he does it all the time'

Firefighters called to rescue dog on a roof but told that 'he does it all the time'
Google Maps has started blurring dog's faces to 'protect their privacy'
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Firefighters were called to help a dog stuck on an apartment block roof – but were told by owners it was a false call because he "does it all the time."

A passerby spotted the pooch in Hazelton, Pennsylvania, earlier this week and immediately rang 911. When they arrived at the scene, they noticed the third-floor balcony door open, where the dog had escaped.

After speaking to a resident in the building, they soon learned the incident wasn't a one-off. The dog often heads up to the roof for a casual sunbathe.

A spokesperson from Hazelton Fire Department said: "We were called to an apartment block on Laurel Street to rescue a dog who was stranded on the roof.

"When we arrived, it became clear the dog did not need rescuing, and we were told that he 'does it all the time'.

"We were unable to make contact with the dog's owner, but the dog came down and went into the apartment while we were at the scene."


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The passerby isn't the only person concerned about dog safety recently.

In a bizarre move, Google Maps have started "protecting the identity" of canines by blurring their faces – and of course, Reddit had a field day with this information

One user jested: "The joke is on them - dogs recognise each other from their butts," while another witty Redditor added: "I'm so happy they're concerned about dogs' privacy."

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