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Admit it, you have no idea what extended family titles mean. Who is your cousin's son's wife to you? Your second cousin? Your cousin-in-law? Nobody knows.

Well, somebody does, and that somebody is ninth-grade social studies teacher (and TikToker) Kevin Silberman.

Silberman made a video explaining how cousins work since most people confused second cousins with first cousins removed. But after a commenter asked who their cousin's child is to them, Silberman decided to make a follow-up video.

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In a viral video with 11 million views, Silberman explains how the "removed" part of your family works, "my cousin's son would be my first cousin once removed. Removed means down by one generation."


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So, there you go. When a cousin is "removed" they are one generation below you. Now you can stop referring to all your cousin's children as your second cousin.

"I'm gonna confess I thought once removed means they were married to your fam then got divorced," TikToker @dominic commented on Silberman's video.

"I'm almost 39 years old and this is the first time I've heard someone explain the "once removed" thing," @tomisha_c commented.

But if you are confused about second cousins, don't worry Silberman explains that too. Your second cousin is your parent's first cousin's child.

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