Americans are being charged £24 for this bowl of 'fish and chips'
A portion of fish and chips at Dame in New York City
Eater NY/YouTube

New York city foodies are calling this the best plate of fish and chips around.

But Brits who've seen photographs of it think it looks anything but appetizing.

For $29 (£24) back in Blighty, you could get three portions of cod, deep-fried in a golden batter, atop an abundant bed of fat chips.

Or, for the same price, you could come to New York, and pick up a single bowl of approximately 15 super-crispy looking chips topped with a piece of fish which most Brits would agree could use a few minutes less in the fryer.

One Scot gasped at the 'burnt chips' after a press photograph of the dish - served at hot ticket restaurant Dame - was shared online.

Another demanded to know: "Where are the peas?" - a reference to the ubiquitous mushy veg that accompany the English delicacy.

One appalled comment said simply: "That looks horrific."

Someone else agreed with the humorous caption saying anyone serving such fare should go to jail, saying: "As they should be. Those fish and chips are greasy and burned. Yuck."

Food website Eater previously described the dish as "precise", adding: "Dame’s effort is so densely craggy it looks like a fossil, a hake that was flash-fried in a paleolithic meteor blast after being dredged in delicious batter.

"The teak-colored exterior packs a crunch that almost recalls baklava; it’s a multilayered creation that shatters in all sorts of complex ways. Then at the center, white flesh reveals itself: a sheath of well-salted hake.

"This by itself would be majestic, but Szymanski atomizes his creation with malt vinegar, leaving the crust with a distinct aroma that recalls tart Whoppers malted milk balls."

Not being funny, but if you were handed some fish and chips up north that resembled a remnant from a meteor blast, you'd demand a refund.

How Chef Ed Szymanski Perfected Fish & Chips at NYC’s Dame — Eater New

But maybe we're the ones in the wrong, here? The West Village spot has a 4.9 review average on Google Maps with LITERALLY ZERO negative reviews.

Although one did gently point out that good NYC fish and chips are very different to good UK fish and chips: "The fish and chips is probably the best I've had in the states or NYC but doesn't hold up against good fish and chip places in the UK. The chips were a bit overcooked and the fish a bit too salty."

And, to be fair, there's an abundance of other actually appetizing stuff on the menu that Brits would happily devour, including cured trout with gooseberries, and chilled lobster salad with padron peppers and tarragon.

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