Flat Earther watches the SpaceX launch - but still says it proves nothing

Flat Earther watches the SpaceX launch - but still says it proves nothing

Elon Musk’s SpaceX blasted the most powerful rocket known to mankind into space last Tuesday.

The world watched in amazement as Falcon Heavy’s boosters returned to Earth and landed perfectly in unison.

The rocket also happened to drop off a dummy in a spacesuit inside a Tesla car in space, which was broadcast to the world floating round space.

For many, it was one of the most spectacular things they've ever seen. The launch reached over 2.3 million views on YouTube alone, making it the second most watched live stream ever on the video site.

Flatearthers claim Earth is not a sphere. Picture:Flat Earthers claim Earth is not a sphere. Picture:

But there’s one group of people who shrugged off the historic event. Flat Earthers - the people who believe the world is flat and shaped like a disc.

In a conversation with indy100, creator of Flat Earth Clues and prominent flatearther Mark Sargent, said the recent launch of the rocket into space and the release of car by SpaceX - doesn’t prove the Earth is a sphere. He believes that everything Elon Musk says is a lie.

Mr Sargent, who often comments on flat Earth in the media and recently appeared on Good Morning Britain in a debate with astronaut Terry Virt, said there are “plot holes”.

He thinks certain things during the SpaceX launch were set up to hide that the Earth is flat during the SpaceX launch, such as camera angles. He said:

You just have to look for them.

He's also not convinced the launch was real.

The SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket lifts off. Picture:The SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket lifts off. Picture:

Mr Sargent questioned the camera angles on the car.

...despite orbit on light and dark side of the Earth, not a single frame with stars in it.

He also said pointed out that no shots or video of the car show the moon in frame.

That would give a 3D point of reference and you could then determine location of the car. Location would have to match continents below. It wouldn't.

And in a further claim, the Flat Earther, who recently spoke at the Flat Earth Society Conference, wondered why the tyres didn’t burst upon entering space. He said the air in the tyres would have burst and destroyed the fibre glass of the car.

Elon mentioned that the car was attached as is, with no modifications. If that is true, then the tires would have detonated within seconds after entering the vacuum of space, destroying the fiberglass housing around it.

Standard car safety glass is not rated to survive temperature swings of that magnitude. Pour hot water onto a frozen windshield, see what happens.

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