Flight attendant reveals the one thing they want passengers to stop doing

Flight attendant reveals the one thing they want passengers to stop doing
A New Study Finds These To Be Annoying Airplane Behaviors

A former flight attendant on TikTok shared the one thing that she encourages passengers to stop doing because of the high risk.

Kat Kamalani, from Hawaii, took to the platform to reveal that travelers should "absolutely never" hit the flight attendant call light button as the aircraft is on the tarmac (runway) or during takeoff and landing because it is dangerous for crew members to walk to a seat at that time.

"This drives flight attendants absolutely bonkers, and we usually won't even come to it until it is safe," she said.

"If it's not some type of emergency, we're going straight back to our seat[s]. If you hit this when we're going up on the aircraft, or we're going down, we're landing; we won't even come to the light, we'll come to it afterwards," Kamalani continued.

She added: "But don't hit this button if you need a barf bag, or a blanket, or water, headphones, food, any of that stuff."

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People in the comments of her post weren't entirely thrilled with the advice, especially when it came to a sickness bag.

"I thought they would just come whenever they thought it was ok. I didn't know they would hold a grudge on it," one person wrote.

"It's there for me to get assistance - I'm not really concerned about if they like it or not," another added.

A third wrote: "Then you guys need to explain the rules and hand out certain things before takeoff, so everyone is comfortable and safe."

In another video, Kamalani also shared why she never gets on a flight without having her own snacks. She also always declines tea and coffee when traveling.

"You never know what is going to happen," she said.

Kamalani also said she would never drink hot water on an airplane because the "water tanks are never cleaned," so there is no time for sipping tea or coffee.

"The kettles are cleaned in between flights, but the whole (coffee) machines are never cleaned... and they're by the lavatories," she explained.


Oh and please dont walk around with your shoes off 🤢

This claim has been corroborated by the Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center at the City University of New York, which studied the drinkability of airplane water.

The study discovered that seven in ten airlines didn't have the best water and recommended people drink liquids from a sealed container during flights.

Kamalani also insisted that all passengers should "obey the flight attendants and what they say" and look up hotels, alternative airports, and flights when she travels "just in case" something occurs, and she needs to figure out another way home.

The former airline hostess regularly posts content about her family life, the exotic fruit she's trying, and health and wellbeing videos.

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