Flight attendant reveals the reasons people are kicked off planes

Flight attendant reveals the reasons people are kicked off planes
If you do any of these 'polite' things on a plane, flight …
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A former flight attendant on TikTok has lifted the lid on the reasons airlines can stop you from boarding the flight.

Sandra Jeenie Kwon (@jeenie.weenie) has garnered a staggering 10.5 million followers online for her insightful travel videos and storytimes during her time as a cabin crew.

One clip, in particular, attracted over 1.5 million views alone.

"Beware! Airlines can deny you boarding for these reasons," she penned as the caption before launching into several little-known facts.

"While boarding, if a flight attendant can sense that you might be a little sick and about to puke, they can deny you boarding," Sandra shared. "I know some of you like to drink before a flight but just remember if you look way too drunk, we can deny you boarding."

She also suggested that staff may remove passengers if they board barefoot, before adding another reason: "For our larger passengers if you cannot safely put on your seatbelt with an extender, the flight attendants can deny you boarding."

Sandra added: "If you look really pregnant like really, really – and you don’t have a doctor’s note to prove how many weeks you are or if you can fly, they may deny you boarding."

Attention then turned to "bad body odour," with Sandra jokingly suggesting to have a friend or family member make sure you don't smell before flying.


Beware! Airlines can deny you boarding for these reasons! #flights

When it comes to dress sense, she claimed that some airlines can remove a passenger if they're dressed inappropriately.

"Some airlines will actually deny you boarding if you’re wearing something a little bit too sexy," she said.

Last but not least, passengers may be removed if they are disrespectful towards them.

The clip was soon flooded with fellow TikTokers, with some calling the rules "unfair".

Others believed they were relatively "all good reasons," but noted they should "be listed across airlines and in the airport".

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