Flight attendant reveals the secret to getting an upgrade to first class

Flight attendant reveals the secret to getting an upgrade to first class
I'm a flight attendant — here's the secret to get a free …
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A flight attendant has revealed some helpful travel advice for passengers to have a better experience - from booking to boarding.

TikToker Cierra Mistt (@cierra_mistt) shared her hacks on how to book cheap tickets and improve your chances of getting bumped up to first class for free.

To start off with, she explained to her 3m followers how mid-week flights typically are cheaper in cost compared to weekends.

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“First things first, if you want a cheap flight, look for flights on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays," she said.

"That’s when they’ll be the cheapest.”

But before looking for your mid-week flights, the prices can be even cheaper if you use a VPN (virtual private network) as Mist advised next.

"Normally if you’re looking in the United States, they’re going to jack those prices way up," the TikToker explained.

When it comes to securing a free upgrade, your chances can increase depending on where you sit on the plane.

Airlines typically have to move passengers around for "weight and balance purposes," and so Mistt recommends sitting in the last row of the plane "if you want to fly first class and not have to pay for it."

"If we do have to move people for weight and balance purposes, that’s where the flight attendant’s gonna go," she said.


travel tips and tricks i’ve learned as a flight attendant (p. 7) 💙✈️

Since sharing her helpful advice, Mistt's video has received 1.6m views, 202,000 likes and an array of comments from people who appreciated the advice.

However, if you don't fancy sitting in the back row on the off-chance of getting a free upgrade then Mistt also gave an alternative hack in another video.

Apparently, if you are "nice to your gate agent," then this can cause you to get upgraded.

"The miracles we can work when we’re given some Starbucks or a bag of chocolates," she said. "Especially those long days when we have back-to-back flights and don’t even have time to go get some food."

Duly noted.

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