Flight attendants, reportedly, have a subtle way of identifying discussing attractive passengers.

Which we're about to ruin by publicising. Sorry about that.

Anyway, if they think the passenger in seat 4D is hot, for example, they might remark to each other that they were thinking of spending four days in Denmark.

Four days in Denmark. 4D.

You can see the code.

The secret was divulged by a former flight attendant on the Kyle and Jackie O show on Kiis 1065, in Australia:

Obviously when we are in the cabin and we are doing the drinks we can't just be like 'Oh doll check him out. You have to be subtle about it.

Because everyone knows their seat numbers, so we’re on the cart and he’ll be like, 'I’m thinking of doing seven days in America… being 'seat 7A'.

And I’ll be like, 'yeah, I could do seven days in America!

HT Her.ie

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