This chef called out people's 'fake food allergies' with an incredible post

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Patrick Friesen, the head chef at Queen Chow in Enmore, Australia has some words for vegetarians who 'love a chicken wing'.

In an Instagram post on 15 July, Friesen shared an image of a series of dinner orders full of conflicting dietary requirements from customers.

His problem wasn't people with genuine allergies, but the phonies who dress up a dietary habit as an allergy, or have inconsistent diets.

Writing on his Instagram, Friesen said:

Can people with dietary requirements start knowing what you can and can’t eat?

Shellfish allergy but loves oyster sauce.

Gluten free but loves gluten as long as it’s not a piece of bread.

Vegetarians that love a chicken wing.

Pescatarians who eat chicken.

His advice:

Sort your sh*t out and let your waiter know. You make it really damn hard for people with actual allergies and dietaries to go out to eat.

The response from touchy and picky people has been, unsurprisingly hostile.

Others claiming to have genuine allergies also commented, to say they were often lumped in with the rising number of picky eaters.

Friesen elaborated on his post, telling the Daily Telegraph(Australia).

You have these people who come in on a first date and they say, 'I'm allergic to onions,' because they just don't want to have onion breath. And for the kitchen it can be torture. Especially when we have real allergies to be concerned about.

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