First it was the unconventional location for a Trump team press conference, now, the small gardening company known as Four Seasons Total Landscaping is the location of a punk rock concert.

Naturally, people are pumped.

If you’ve somehow been living under a rock, or maybe a plant pot, the Philadelphia venue went viral in November last year when Rudy Giuliani – then-attorney for former US president Donald Trump – held a press conference about alleged voter fraud which didn’t happen.

What was even better was that the store is situated in between a crematorium and a sex shop. Truly poetic.

Since then, Four Seasons – not to be confused with the hotel in the city, which many claim Trump’s team mistook it for – has relished its newfound fame.

In fact, it will now host a gig by punk rock singer Laura Jane Grace, of the band Against Me!, on 21 August.

Grace will be joined by Brendan Kelly, of The Lawrence Arms, in what she described as a “genuinely historical” concert and “the greatest landscaping event of the century”.

Teasing the show on Wednesday, Grace wrote on Twitter: “On Thursday I’m going to be announcing the most insane show I will ever be a part of. I will literally never play a venue with more class and prestige.”

And when Four Seasons announced the news on their own social media page, Twitter users agreed:

However, if you planned on attending the special gig, you’re too late, as Grace revealed that tickets sold out in an incredible 17 minutes.

Kelly tweeted: “Apologies to everyone out there that didn’t book their first show back at 4 seasons total landscaping. I have to imagine it’s painful.

“Luckily Laura Jane Grace and I carry the flame for all the righteous and we love you.

“Sorry that we are just way cooler than all y’all.”

We don’t disagree.

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