Stephen Colbert slams Fox News coverage of the solar eclipse

Stephen Colbert slams Fox News coverage of the solar eclipse

Stephen Colbert slams Fox News coverage of the solar eclipse

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert /YouTube

Monday's solar eclipse understandably dominated the media, but as Stephen Colbert pointed out, Fox News' used the moment to dehumanise immigrants once again.

That's right, Fox News claimed that immigrants were using the eclipse to cross the Southern Border.

"While everybody's going to be looking up, if you're looking down here at the border, you'll see illegal immigrants dressed in dark clothing, sometimes camouflage, trying to sneak into the United States," one Fox News reporter said.

Colbert aired the clip on the Monday episode of his show The Late Show the Stephen Colbert saying, "Oh yes. Immigrants in dark clothing are using the eclipse to sneak across the border." He added, "they won't get another opportunity like that... until night."

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Colbert wasn't the only one to point out the absurdity in Fox News' coverage. The Daily Show Jon Stewart who asked, "Is there nothing Fox can't tie to immigration?"

Colbert also mocked a fan-made Trump video that Trump himself posted on his platform Truth Social. The video depicted the sun being eclipsed by a giant silhouette of the former president's head.

"That is a hell of a campaign message," Colbert laughed. He then started to impersonate Trump: "I will bring darkness upon the Earth, block out all the light-giving warmth, driving the animals to stark madness."

Back in 2017 during America's last solar eclipse, Trump stared directly into the sun, which you are not supposed to do as it can cause damage to your eyes.

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