YouTuber crashes New York Fashion Week wearing a bin bag and gets away with it

YouTuber crashes New York Fashion Week wearing a bin bag and gets away with it
New York Fashion Week SS23
Addy Media / VideoElephant

A YouTube prank at New York Fashion Week has gone viral after one man confidently walked the runway – and no one batted an eyelid.

Fred Beyer's stunt was captured during an event held by social media agency Creators Inc. It shows the 21-year-old wearing a transparent bin bag, complete with vibrant shorts and a shower cap as he struts down the ramp.

Beyer manages to make it to the end of the catwalk, with no suspicion from the audience. Moments later, a member of security runs up and escorts him off.

The clip has since made waves online, with many in hysterics over the harmless prank.

"I thought that was the new summer release," one person joked, while another added: "I need confirmation that this wasn't part of the show bc they are weird like this lol."

"He probably had one of the most normal fits in there," a third joked.

Pranking Fashion

Meanwhile, one person commented: "And nobody suspected anything despite that drip. Goes to show how trash these shows be."

Another suggested: "There was no reason to rush him off, bro already done damage and completed the mission."

The YouTuber has grown popular online, with one of his most clicked videos racking up almost a million views.

Titled 'Pulling Fire Alarm Prank,' the clip shows Beyer approaching people in public places telling them he is going to set the fire alarm off and repeatedly being told not to.

He later tells staff that his alarms are fakes.

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