Friends fans have a theory that Monica and Chandler moved into the Home Alone house

10 Facts About 'Home Alone'

Fans of the iconic sitcom Friends have come up with a bizarre theory that at the end of the show, Monica and Chandler moved into the equally iconic house from the beloved Christmas movie Home Alone.

Now, this sounds absurd and completely farfetched but there is some compelling evidence to say that there is some weight to this conspiracy.

If you are an avid Friends fan then you'll recall that after getting married and adopting children both Monica and Chandler moved out of the famous New York apartment and settled down in the suburbs.

Now, we don't get too many glimpses of the house, only a few interior shots from the sitting room but this is all some sleuths needed to figure out that this was the house that Macaulay Culkin lived in with the McAllisters in the classic 1990 film.

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You see, the view from one of the windows in the front room gives viewers a glimpse at the houses across the street from Chandler and Monica's new home and one of those houses just happens to be identical to a house across the road from the Home Alone house.

The first house in question is blue and has a distinctive front door. You can see it in Home Alone when Kevin goes sledding out of his front door. The second house has a distinctive garage and is very visible at one point during the film.

In order to see them in Friends you really have to squint but believe us they are there. For further evidence please watch this YouTube video by 22 Vision which gives as good an explanation of this theory as you are ever likely to see.

Home Alone's crazy link to Friends (TV show)

The actual reason behind this is most likely that the production crew on Friends just used stock footage from Home Alone to give off the illusion that Monica and Chandler were moving into a real home and not just a television set.

This is hardly the only theory surrounding Friends. A few years ago a very dark theory circulated about Phoebe which was shut down by the series co-creator Marta Kaufmann.

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