Futuristic aerial photos show London in a whole new, electrifying light

Photographer Vincent Laforet took to a helicopter to capture some beautiful aerial views of London at night.

From 6,000ft up, the chaos and noise of the capital's streets are transformed into a serene and mesmerising urban landscape.

Laforet, who has undertaken similar projects in cities around the world, said the set of photos he has taken of London, as part of his AIR Europe series, are "likely [his] favourite to date".

The architecture of London both new and old are incredibly impressive. I find the city is a beautiful balance of old and new. This is an extremely rich city visually and it exudes history and tradition.

The full set of Vincent's London photos can be seen here on Storehouse. You can also sign up to pre-order a book on Vincent’s Air series here. The entire Air Series in Europe is sponsored by G-Technology.

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