Fox News contributor faces criticism after his comments about Gabby Petito go viral on TikTok

Fox News contributor faces criticism after his comments about Gabby Petito go viral on TikTok

A guest on Fox News has come under fire for “insensitive” comments he made about Gabby Petito’s news coverage.

During a live television segment, Fox News contributor Raymond Arroyo said that coverage of the case of the missing 22-year-old was “a huge distraction” from other issues taking place in the country.

A clip of the segment was uploaded to TikTok by @more_smores, where it has since gone viral and been watched over one million times.

In the video, Arroyo said: “With all that’s happening in the world, what’s happening in our southern border and abroad and at home, I think this entire story is a huge distraction. Forgive me.”

He added that Petito’s case was a “Lifetime movie”, an “ongoing mini-series” and “basically a local story – it’s a missing person”.

@more_smores captioned the post, “How insensitive?????” and throughout the video wrote “how rude” his comments were.


How insensitive????? #gabbypetitocase #fyp

On Sunday 19 September, the same day the TikTok clip was uploaded, the FBI confirmed they had found human remains in Wyoming that matched the description of the missing travel blogger.

The body was found in a remote part of Bridger-Teton National Forest. It is believed another YouTuber captured footage of Petito’s van parked on the side of the road.

Petito had been travelling cross-country with her boyfriend Brian Laundrie in her white Ford van.

She was last heard from by her family in late August, but her boyfriend, Laundrie, had returned home to his parent’s house in Florida alone in Petito’s van on 1 September.

Laundrie has refused to cooperate with the authorities looking for Petito and has since disappeared.

On Fox News, where the clip aired before news of her death, Arroyo continued: “I hope they get to the bottom of it, but I do worry we’re spending way too much time on this case.”

He also compared Petito’s case to Natalee Holloway, who also disappeared in 2005.

In the comments on the social media platform, TikTok users expressed their anger over his remarks.

One person wrote: “He wouldn’t be saying that if that was his daughter missing!”

Another reasoned: “If her story hadn’t blown up the way it did and people just didn’t know, they wouldn’t have found a body.”

Meanwhile, others seemed to agree with Arroyo despite how harsh his words were.

One person said: “It’s heartbreaking! But he isn’t wrong!!!!!!”

Another said: “He’s not wrong tho… there are so many missing people… this one happened to go viral. I wish we treated every missing person like this.”

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