Violent gang steals $23,000 of cheese in dairy heist

Violent gang steals $23,000 of cheese in dairy heist
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A violent Dutch gang made off with around 3,500 pounds of cheese in a dairy heist, prompting warnings from other dairy farms to be on the lookout.

The robbery reportedly took place at Torenpolderkaas dairy farm in Finjaart, Noord Brabant, Netherlands, last week, according to local broadcaster Omroep Brabant.

The farm lost out on the estimated $23,000 when the "well-organised" cheese bandits broke in and made out with a busload of the product.

"We are a bit afraid of this. They don't shy away from entering a cheese farm with brute force. In no time, they fill their bus and leave," Theo Dekker, chairman of the Dutch Association of Farm Dairy Preparers, told Omroep Brabant.

"It is, of course, never pleasant to have burglars in your yard. We know all too well how much craft is involved in the cheeses."

Dekker also said that the cheese is sought after by gangs because of the time and "expensive raw materials" used to make it. It also tends to be transported to other countries – especially Eastern European countries like Russia – where the stolen cheese can be flipped for a resale value.

Particularly in this incident, Dekker claimed that the thieves "already explored the farm shop a few days before so that they know exactly what to pack," before acting.

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The robbery occurred following "a few quiet years" dairy farmers experienced in the Netherlands.

However, Dekker noted that past cheese thefts created new measures to locate the products. The cheeses sold in the country are required to have a unique registration code that is pressed into the rind.

"As a result, the thieves cannot sell the entire cheese in the Netherlands," he said before adding if a piece is cut off, you can't figure out "where the cheese comes from."

Elsewhere, Dekker further warned other dairy farms to remain aware of similar attacks, urging businesses to set up CCTV systems and take out insurance on their products to protect themselves against any loss should their cheese get stolen.

"Keep everything locked, put up cameras, and take out good insurance. A theft like this just tastes really bad," he said.

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