Mum films 'ghost baby' in cot with her son, turns out to be something very simple
iStock / Facebook - Maritza Elizabeth

A mum has gone viral after she seemingly captured footage of a 'ghost baby' sharing the same cot as her son. but the baby monitor footage wasn't quite as it seems.

Whether we're honest about believing in them or not there's no question about it - ghosts are a creepy concept, and demonic baby ghosts are the worse of the lot. So Maritza Elizabeth was stepping into literal nightmare territory earlier this week when, using a baby monitor with an in-built camera, she spotted something unusual laying beside her sleeping child. Another crying baby.

Upon investigating she found both the room and the cot to be empty, despite what the footage appeared to show.

In her own words: "I was so freaked out, I barely slept." We hear you Maritza, we hear you. So you can imagine her relief when on closer inspection the next day there was a very obvious, and quite frankly hilarious explanation for the eerie spectre.

Yep, that's right, the ghost was simply a mattress, one that her husband had not covered with a mattress protector.

Since sharing her discovery to Facebook earlier this week the post has been shared more than 260k times and has accrued more than 60k likes from people equal measures terrified and amused.

All that said, we're definitely still going to check underneath our beds tonight, you know, just in case.

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