‘Ghost communicates through Alexa’ in creepy viral video

‘Ghost communicates through Alexa’ in creepy viral video
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A creepy clip has made the rounds on social media showing 'a ghost' communicating with a man through his Alexa speaker – and viewers have been left petrified.

In a viral video shared to TikTok, a man is woken up by strange banging noises in the early hours of the morning. As he heads to the kitchen, the voice assistant randomly says: "She was my wife."

The man questions, "Who was your wife?"

"You took her from me," Alexa responded.

"I didn't take anyone," the man calmly says back. "Who? Tell me who you want. You've got the wrong person."

Alexa adds: "I found her here."

The speaker then erupts into laughter before the man opts to unplug the device.

Fellow TikTokers pointed out several 'orbs' throughout the terrifying video.

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The clip was soon inundated with comments with some declaring they will never buy a home speaker. Equally, others insisted they will be getting rid.

"You need to call a priest to cleanse your home or you may want to move out. Respectfully," said one user.

Another joked: "His wife already made him sleep on the couch.. didn’t have to mess with him from the bedroom too!"

Meanwhile, others questioned the clip's authenticity, with one user pointing out: "You have to address Alexa as Alexa before it’ll answer you can’t just converse with it."

A second suggested: "In the Alexa app there’s a thing called drop in where you can talk through your phone and theres one that you can type and it says it in Alexa's voice."

While another jokingly conspired: "Ha she probably has all the records of the previous owners in her brain (the cloud) so she like 'what’s up Joe?'"

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