School caretaker shares chilling footage of 'ghost' following him

School caretaker shares chilling footage of 'ghost' following him
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A school caretaker has worried people online after recording the moment when a “ghost” seemed to follow him through the corridors.

Caretakers see school after hours – long after students and teachers have gone home – a scene which can creep people out.

This particular caretaker, however, had an altogether more frightening experience when he went into a classroom where some students had been having a party.

The room had some confetti and a few balloons, including one lone red balloon which stood on its own in the corner.

And that’s when it started to follow him.

“No matter where I’m at in the classroom or whatever I decide to do, it just follows me,” he said.

"It just follows me, no matter what.”

As if things weren’t already downright terrifying, a shadowy figure is then seen sprinting across the back of the classroom.

from Ghosts

That was enough for the caretaker, who said: “No, I can’t.”

Turns out that the school, in Tampa, Florida, was built on top of a cemetery, and past caretakers claimed to have seen weird goings on in the night.

Back in 2019, the school was found to have approximately 145 coffins buried underneath it, Bay News 9 reported at the time.

While many said the video was probably a well-made fake, it seemed to scare some Reddit users.

One person said: “Okay, this one actually made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Fake or not, that was kickass.”

Another said: “Elaborate prank or not, this one got me good. Just imagine that happening to you for real. I’d be sh*tting my pants alright.”

A third person added: “Ghosts where having a party and you interrupt and the ghost door man followed you out lol.”

As to whether it’s real or not? We’ll probably never know.

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