Bride’s demand for very real gifts despite non-existent bridal shower branded ‘icky’

Bride’s demand for very real gifts despite non-existent bridal shower branded ‘icky’

While weddings are memorable milestones that should be celebrated, concrete gift etiquette can provide an unneeded source of stress for guests.

One bold couple took it to the next (questionable) level after mailing invitations to guests for a gift-giving event ahead of the big day.

The plot twist? There would be no physical or virtual party. Instead, they included an address to send gift cards, money and recipes.

“The family of the bride and groom would like to invite you to a Unique Card Bridal Shower,” the invitation shared to Reddit read.

“Mind you this might be out of whack, but they already have a shack!!

“With all the gifts you could shower our bride, please keep it on a lighter side.

“A gift card to a place that does not expire is what the bride most desires!

“Now, to pass your cooking knowledge on to the bride, share a good recipe! (Recipe card enclosed).”

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Inevitably, fellow Redditors were left baffled. One highlighted that it took them a while to realize the invitation didn’t include a “time or date for the party.” They added, “I didn’t realize they literally just want people to mail them money!”

Many others found the concept “super tacky.”

“That’s tacky as hell. If I get an invite to anything, they are getting a gift or something. Could be a friend I haven’t talked it in 20 years,” one said. “However, if someone wasn’t just announcing the wedding and asked straight up for presents without an invite to something. No way in hell.”

Some were cringed out by the verse itself, with one questioning whether “the poem was to make this seem less icky?” Another crowned it as the “Worst poem ever.”

Despite the unpopularity amongst the popular Reddit thread, people favoured the second half, which politely requested recipe cards. “The second part of this is actually a cute idea, imo,” one Reddit user shared. “Not having the party is tacky, but asking for recipes when you already have a house is sweet and personal. They were so close.”

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