‘Girl Math’ is the funniest money meme of 2023

‘Girl Math’ is the funniest money meme of 2023

‘Girl Math’ is the funniest money meme of 2023

Sam James/TikTok

In the summer of being a girl, where we're all having 'girl dinner', going to our 'lazy girl job', watching the Barbie movie and getting tickets to see Taylor Swift, it's no surprise that we're all being girls when it comes to our finances, too.

The latest TikTok trend "Girl Math" is being called the 'girl version of finance bros', and it explains how women rationalise spending habits so in our head purchases are perceived as 'free' or 'money-saving'.

It's become so big that it has now become a regular segment on a New Zealand radio show called Fletch, Vaughan & Hayley. Listeners call in and share their expansive purchase to Hayley and two female producers. The three then set about justifying the listener's purchase under the logic of "Girl Math".


#girlmath is here to stay! Let us know if you need help justifying your purchases 😇

The trend has women sharing what their "Girl Math" is, including "If it's under $10, I didn't spend money":

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"If I ordered a delivery and I spread it amongst several meals I'm actually saving money":

"spending resets at midnight":

If you return something for $90 and but something for $100, you've only spent $10:

"Pay for something with cash? It's free.":

So next time you're wondering how to justify a big purchase, perhaps just do some Girl Math.

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