<p>The two girls met each other at university</p>

The two girls met each other at university

Amy Harriet/TikTok

A TikTok user thinks she has found her “long lost twin” at university.

Amy Harriet made the announcement while taking part in a challenge that asks people to say something about themselves “that sounds false but is 100 per cent true”

“I think I may have met my long lost twin at university and she’s my flatmate,” Harriet said on the app, in a video which has since been viewed more than 1 million times.

“This is us, why do we look the same?” She asks, before a slideshow of images of them together, who do in fact look very similar.

Even spookier, Harriet adds: “The weirdest part is, our birthdays are a day apart.”

The obvious similarities in their appearance prompted users to point out how it was like The Parent Trap, the 1998 movie starring Lindsay Lohan about twins - a remake of the 1970s classic - who are separated at birth by their divorced parents and meet at a summer camp.

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“What is this, The Parent Trap?” one user asked.

“Does her dad make wine and your mum design wedding dresses?” Another joked, alluding to the plot of the movie.

Another user speculated that, although they have different birthdays, one could have been at 11.59pm and the other at 12.01am the following day.

The women have not taken DNA tests.

A similar story was reported by the South China Morning Post - two women found out they were twins because of TikTok.

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