Actor Tony Gardner has played many roles in his career such as the dad from My Parents are Aliens, professor Shales in Fresh Meat and Dan Miller in The Thick of It.

Yet for some, he has become iconic for showing up at the Glastonbury festival every year and having the time of his life - and this year is proving to be no exception.

Yesterday, the 55-year-old was spotted living his best life to King Princess on the Park Stage, while wearing a leopard print suit, and people loved it.

Someone then later claimed to see him 'having a big one' to some jazz, which he didn't care for.

Somebody else then saw him dressed as a cow?

Then he was enjoying yelling 'f**k Boris' during Stormzy's headline set.

The truth is that Gardner is a regular attendee at Glastonbury and if you search Twitter around this time of year you can guarantee that people have seen him.

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