Today's never-ending news cycle can often feel exhausting, and more than just a little soul-destroying.

Sometimes all you need is some pure, wholesome content – and luckily, this herd of unruly goats is here to answer your prayers.

Yesterday, KTVB released footage which showed dozens of goats wandering the suburban streets of a small neighbourhood in Boise, Idaho.

Residents and bystanders soon gathered to watch the goats as they grazed nonchalantly and essentially destroyed locals’ lawns, but nobody seemed to mind – which makes sense, because, well, just look at how cute they are!

Later reports clarified that the goats belonged to a goat rental company (yes, really) named ‘We Rent Goats’ – because what else would it be called?

The somewhat niche business lets goats loose to graze, as their voracious appetites essentially make them an easy, eco-friendly way to deal with weed growth.

Unfortunately, the fun didn't last long – animal control officers soon arrived on the scene with a van to round up the rogue goats, but quickly they realised that one van wouldn't suffice.

KTVB's follow-up report numbered the goats at 118 – definitely more than a truck-full.

Naturally, social media went wild for the unruly animals, quickly making jokes and generally revelling in the absurdity of the entire situation.

Let's be honest – this is the purest news story to emerge from America in a while.

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