Grand National facing boycott for its £7.20 pints

Grand National facing boycott for its £7.20 pints
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People are urging others to boycott the 2022 Grand National because of an eye-wateringly expensive drinks menu - where a pint costs £7.20 ($9.40).

The major horse race, which runs over the course of three days, kicked off at Aintree Racecourse on Thursday (7 April).

Guests hadn't been able to visit the famous steeplechase since 2019 due to the coronavirus pandemic, but their spirits dropped when onlookers took a look at the racecourse bar menus.

The full list of drink prices at the event was published in The Liverpool Echo, and it prompted outrage.

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Some people have even called for the event to be boycotted due to the booze price, with Karl Purcell saying the following: "Simple, don't go. Boycott such events until they bring down the prices."

Other people took to the comments section of the paper's article to call out the price of the drinks.

"Daylight robbery," one wrote.

"Outrageous; how can they justify those prices?" another added.

A third wrote: "Maybe it's because cheap booze = cheap acts, fighting bringing the tone down like previous years have proven," another added, trying to come up with a reason for the cost.

Someone else added: "People pay it...until they stop buying, the prices will stay high."

A single pint at the event can be as much as £7.20, while mixers start at £2.30. The cost of a typical UK pint ranges from roughly £3-£6, and the average cost is £3.86, The Sunreported.

Less than a month before 2020's Grand National, it was announced that the event wouldn't carry on because of the pandemic.

"The Randox Health Grand National Festival was just three weeks away, and it's very clear to us it will not be possible for the event to take place. Public health must come first," a spokesperson for The Jockey Club, which owns Aintree Racecourse, said at the time.

Indy100 reached out to Aintree Racecourse for comment.

In other beer news from across the pond, OTG, the hospitality group that oversees New York airports, was facing an audit to investigate how much it charges customers.

This started after a guest shared a menu from LaGuardia Airport that said a pint of beer cost $27.85 – plus a 10 percent so-called Covid recovery fee.

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