Man's grandmother accidentally buried in his bride-to-be's brand new wedding dress

Man's grandmother accidentally buried in his bride-to-be's brand new wedding dress
Bride passes out, vomits and gets pooped on during disaster wedding
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It's no surprise that everyone wants their wedding day to go to plan – but this mortifying (unheard of) mistake left everyone distraught, and the bride had no idea.

In a viral string of TikTok clips, bridal shop owner Kasia (@kasias_bridal) took to the platform when a client's groom-to-be accidentally buried his late grandma in his partner's wedding dress.

Kasia explained how she had received a call from the man "frantic as hell, crying practically”, in desperate need of a replacement wedding dress. At one point, his brother took over the phone call and delivered the devastating context.

"Well, it’s an unfortunate situation,” the brother told Kasia. “You see, the bride gave the dress to my mother—our mother—and she said to go ahead and store it in [her closet for] safekeeping.” Their grandma died shortly after – and because her late husband was buried in his wedding tuxedo, she wanted to be buried in her wedding dress.

You can see where this is going – and so did Kasia...

“I swear to you, I think I stopped breathing,” she told her 5.3 million viewers. When asked to retrieve their grandma's wedding dress, they accidentally took the bag containing his fiancee's dress.

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In a second clip, Kasia said they did just that. "Just being guys, they didn’t know any better,” she said. “They didn’t know there were multiple wedding dresses in the closet."

Fellow TikTokers quizzed how they didn't notice, but Kasia claimed it was closed-casket.

She added: "So now we’re on a mad hunt to get this dress because [the] bride does not know that this dress is buried six feet under with grandma."


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Due to time constraints, the designer was unable to create a new custom dress.

However, in the third and final TikTok clip, Kasia revealed there was a happy ending. The groom's brother and the bride's mum made the "executive decision to come clean" to the bride.

Kasia was able to recreate the dress using extra fabric, and it turned out the bride "was thrilled by getting a new dress" as she recently discovered she was pregnant and needed to size up for the wedding.

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