Michael Rapaport films alleged shoplifter in NYC: 'It's pathetic'

An elderly woman is making headlines after successfully stopping a man who is said to have been shoplifting from a Walmart in Campbell River, Canada.

In the viral video, Darrell Johansen, recorded another man in a ski mask allegedly attempting to leave with a shopping cart filled with goods. "Are you gonna pay for that?" Johansen asked the man in the ski mask. The man replied 'yes' but as he approached the door to leave it was not clear if he was going to pay.

As the man in the ski mask was trying to exit, an older woman yelled at him and ripped off his ski mask revealing his face to the camera. Johansen yanked the man's cart away preventing him from leaving.

Eventually, the man gave up and left without anything. "You jack up the price for everybody else, cause of you a**holes,” the woman yelled to the man as he left.

Johansen originally posted the video to Facebook and said he told Walmart security and the local police about the incident. It's unclear if there has been any legal follow-up.

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From social media posts, it's clear the star of the video is the older woman who bravely intercepted the man's attempts. Many commenters pointed out the potential danger in stopping a potential shoplifter.

"Whoever this lady is that ripped his mask off, I’ll take you as my partner in crime-fighting anytime," Johansen told Newsweek in an interview regarding the incident.

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