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Got too many friends on Facebook? We might have a solution.

A hoax is doing the rounds on social media that a green moon will appear in the sky on 20 April this year, an event that only every 420 years.

And it's the perfect excuse to clear some space on your friends list if they shared it.

Everyone, this is definitely complete and utter bullshit.

Far from happening once every 420 years, this hoax crops up annually.

The whole thing started back in 2016 when a Facebook user shared an clearly doctored image promising a rare 'green moon' that spring.

What with the 4/20 and green references, you might have already clocked this as obviously an attempt at humour. But people fell for it anyway.

More than once. It turned up again in April 2017.

And now it's back for the third year in a row.

To be fair, with all these supermoons, super-duper-moons (yes, genuinely) and super blue blood moons, perhaps we shouldn't blame those who fell for it, however fun that may be.

Here are some obligatory jokes for any stoners out there.

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