Gym couple's 'annoying' weightlifting routine at the wedding sparks huge debate

Gym couple's 'annoying' weightlifting routine at the wedding sparks huge debate
Couple weight lift together at their wedding ceremony
Cheston Uy

There's something about "gym couples" that seems to rub people up the wrong way. And now, one couple took the mantra those who lift together, stay together to a whole new level – and people are losing their minds.

The viral footage shared on social media showed a newlywed couple ditching the traditional first dance and doing things their way: deadlifting. The sentimental idea stemmed from the pair meeting at the gym, according to the text overlay.

Unsurprisingly, the clip racked up millions of views along with thousands of divisive comments. People were quick to distinguish the gym-goer bride and groom as CrossFit enthusiasts – who some described as a "cult".

CrossFit is a high-intensity form of interval training, that includes a strength and conditioning workout that is made up of functional movement. Some may consider it extreme fitness to build strength or/and lose weight.

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In what one described as their "entire personality being the gym", critics seemed incredibly offended by the footage.

"As a full-time personal trainer, this is cringing to watch," one said, before adding: "This is CrossFit related definitely. It’s cult-like."

"As a 'gym person' never will you catch me doing some annoying s*** like this," another wrote.

"I thought you were just a hater till I realized it was a wedding," a third commented.

Meanwhile, one Twitter user noted the guests were just as bad for enabling it, writing: "The people in the background supporting this aren’t any better lol."

Thankfully, the comments weren't all entirely bad – with some embracing the way the couple incorporated their similar interest into their big day.

One non-judgemental user said: "It's supposed to be their special day so if that is what makes them happy and creates memories that they will cherish for life then who am I to say no?"

While a second agreed, writing: "I mean it's their special day and it's an activity that is meaningful to both of them. Why not have some fun in one segment?"

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