Gymgoer eats ‘raw chicken and out-of-date steak’ after workout as part of ‘raw primal diet’

Man Eats 'Raw Chicken And Out-Of-Date Steak' After Workout
Man Eats 'Raw Chicken And Out-Of-Date Steak' After Workout

Some people experiment with all forms of post-workout routines. And while we’re not ones to judge, some definitely leave us scratching our heads. One man has succeeded in that department by trading a post-workout shake for raw, out-of-date meat.

In a post to his Twitter account, @BlazenBrady shared a photo of his typical meal plan, which includes raw steak and chicken, alongside some bacon.

“Post-workout meal: fresh raw chicken, week-old steak I left in my fridge, my favourite, bacon, raw butter, raw milk,” he wrote. “Chicken is not bad at all and tastes fine. This meal is my standard meal I usually eat all the time, I eat mainly more steak over chicken though usually.”

Give us a moment while we try not to retch in disgust.

Immediately after posting the photo to Twitter, comments began flooding with individuals wondering whether the unusual meal plan was legit or not. Blazen responded by posting a video of himself explaining his methods - including on munching on what appears to be raw poultry.

“Since everyone is asking me for a video of eating raw chicken here you go. And remember the Raw Primal Diet is your natural diet, that regenerates you over time and will make you feel amazing,” Blazen captioned the video.

(Pretty much every bit of medical advice says this is a bad idea. So don’t do it.)

“It’s not even bad bro, you guys are tripping, like, I mean you guys are terrified of it just because they told you there’s bacteria in it. It’s your natural diet, like you’ll literally naturally want to want to eat it,” he says in the video.

“It tastes the same. Like, maybe it’s not as good tasting, it’s not like amazing tasting, but it doesn’t taste f***ing bad. It’s literally your normal diet. Here you go.”

Somehow we doubt raw poultry tastes the same as when it’s cooks. Then again, we’ve never been compelled to try it, so what do we know?

After posting the video, users we’re still dumbfounded by Blazen’s choice of protein intake.

“Make sure you post when you’re in the hospital with food poisoning,” wrote one user.

“I wouldn’t even feed this to my dog. Take care of yourself, dude,” wrote another.

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