Harry Potter fans told: 'Please stop leaving stuff on Dobby's grave'

Harry Potter fans told: 'Please stop leaving stuff on Dobby's grave'
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Authorities in Wales are telling Harry Potter fans to stop leaving socks and other things on the character Dobby's gravesite.

Freshwater West is a beach near Castlemartin, Pembrokeshire, and was the film location for the scene when Dobby's character dies at the hands of Bellatrix LeStrange in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1.

For over a decade, fans would leave trinkets, knick-knacks and keepsakes on the beach in honour of the house elf and friend to Harry Potter, the Washington Post reported.

But after all the years of fans paying their respects to the fictional character on the beach with items, Wales officials are considering it to be harmful to the beach's ecosystem.

Some of the items people left at the sight include painted stones and socks, which would grant Dobby his freedom from serving others.

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Environment officials in Wales were considering removing the memorial altogether, but last week, they opted not to get rid of it with a catch.

The gravesite for Dobby will remain at the beach as long as fans don't add any more items.

In a press release from National Trust Cymrum, they shared its decision to keep the memorial.

"The Trust is asking visitors to only take photos when visiting the memorial to help protect the wider landscape," said Jonathan Hughes, the assistant director of operations for South Wales.

Dobby's place of death will still be a place for fans to honour the loyal elf's contribution to the series.

In Deathly Hallows: Part 1, the beach is where Harry, Ron, Hermione and Dobby escape towards the end. Dobby, unfortunately, dies while saving the wizarding trio.

Dobby's last words were "such a beautiful place to be with friends."

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