Heartwarming moment rookie streamer is joined by his mom goes viral

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A rookie streamer has gone viral after the internet a heartwarming moment with his mum during his live stream as the two celebrated that nine people were tuning in.

Due to the challenge of growing an audience and the growing competition within the streaming industry, it can be difficult to break through and have success on Twitch, therefore more viewers no matter the number is a great accomplishment for smaller creators.

So when "NateBosa" noticed nine people were watching his stream, he decided to share this milestone with his mum.

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“Mom, are you here?” he shouted, and his mom then appeared in his room.

“Oh do you wanna say hi?” he asked her.

“Say hi like in real life?” she questioned.

“Yeah, there’s just a camera and you pretend people are there. That’s what I do," Nate added, as he briefly explained the concept streaming to his mum.

“Hey everybody, I’m Nate’s mom. I know I seem way too young and way too cool, but I’m Nate’s mom,” she said and then sweetly kissed her son on his head.

“Yeah I have nine people watching right now. Nine real human beings! Can you believe that? Imagine if there were nine people in this room. That’d be crazy,” Nate exclaimed in excitement.

“Look, it’s like you’re hanging out with nine people and you don’t even have to leave your house!” his mum noted.


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The clip quickly went viral both on TikTok where Nate himself posted the video (802,000 views) as well as on Twitter where Dexerto reposted the video (2.3m views and 155,000 likes).

People loved the video and found the cameo of Nate's mum and the streamer celebrating his nine viewers to be "wholesome."

Twitch's official TikTok account wrote: "This is too wholesome."


Another person added: "I love this for him. What a sweet mom."

"This is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen," someone else replied.

It also looks like Nate has more than nine viewers now as, since his viral moment, he now has over 22,000 followers on Twitch and had over 96,000 views on his last broadcast.

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