Viral video shows hero rescue man in wheelchair from an oncoming train after he had fallen onto tracks

A group of bystanders worked together to rescue a wheelchair user who had fallen onto the subway tracks on Wednesday – seconds before an oncoming train barreled into the station.

The footage showed people on the Union Square station platform in New York, who rushed over to help the man stuck on the tracks.

One heroic Samaritan jumped down to pull him to safety while quick-thinking bystanders help him back onto the platform. The train can be heard in the distance, while an announcement of the train’s arrival is played over the public address system.

“This afternoon in Union Square a man in a wheelchair somehow ended up on the subway tracks,” the Twitter post read.

“Luckily, a Good Samaritan jumped down and rescued the man about 10s before the train came into the station. Huge shoutout to whoever the guy is who jumped down to help!”

The heroic Samaritan immediately jumped down to help Twitter

Witness and CBS reporter, Lauren Mennen, recorded the incident and branded the man a “hero.”

“One man jumped right into action. He didn’t think twice whether he was going to go on those tracks”, Mennen said.

“I was like, people need this. There’s heroes in action and I was like I’m going to wave my hand at the train and it will all be good. I hope people just take positivity away from all this.”

People on the platform helped the man back up Twitter

Though it is unclear how the unidentified man fell onto the tracks, there have been reports of non-life-threatening injuries.

The terrifying Twitter video has since received 385K views since being posted on Wednesday. People took to the social media site to praise the heroes.

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