Hiring expert reveals what your favourite brand looks for in a candidate

Hiring expert reveals what your favourite brand looks for in a candidate
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New research has revealed that one in six Brits are actively looking for a job, with a staggering 9.8 million people seeking a new role every day.

With the job market seemingly more competitive than ever before, many of us are finding job hunting is taking longer than it ever has before. On average, it now takes four months to secure a new job.

Dr George Silk, founder of workplace experts Eras, has lifted the lid on what some of the UK's most popular companies look for in a candidate.

He believes that "companies are often looking for different key behavioural traits linked to their most successful employees. These vary from role to role: some jobs require caution while others need risk-takers. Some work alone and others as part of a team. Companies therefore are looking for candidates to show that they demonstrate these. Many brands have strong values and will hire based on these alone."

Dr Silk advised people to take the time to research the company's values, which are often listed online.

Here is what the following companies look for, according to Dr Silk:

Disney: Optimism, innovation, decency, quality, community, and storytelling

Nandos: Pride, passion, courage, integrity and family

Nike: Community, Sustainability, diversity and social responsibility

Coca-Cola: Leadership, collaboration, integrity, accountability, passion, diversity, quality

John Lewis: Integrity, quirky, proud, free to be ourselves

Greggs: Friendly, inclusive, honest, respectful, hardworking and appreciative.

Nintendo: Flexibility, uniqueness, sincerity, honesty

Innocent: Commercial, responsible, natural, open-minded, unified

Netflix: High Performance, collaborators, openness and freedom, uncomfortably exciting, great and always better

GymShark: Accessible, inclusive, humble, caring, proactive, honest, trustworthy and genuine. ambitious, agile, disruptive

With these qualities in mind, Dr Silk reminded candidates: "It is important not to become a sea of buzzwords, and show the real, but best, version of yourself. Interviewers meet hundreds of people asking similar questions so avoid using cliche one-liners and try to weave in examples of the above traits through your answers."

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