Holland and Barrett’s vegetable-shaped vegan sex toys baffle customer

Holland and Barrett’s vegetable-shaped vegan sex toys baffle customer

A health food chain has baffled a customer by branching out into uncharted markets in a pretty unexpected way.

Holland and Barrett, which sells vitamins, supplements and health foods, has given a customer a giggle by selling a confusing range of vegan sex toys shaped as corn on the cob, chilli peppers, carrots, bananas and aubergines, which they apparently got confused with the real thing.

In a probably jokey review of the corn on the cob posted recently, the woman said: “At first I was a bit surprised at what I got as I was expecting a nice cob for dinner.

“I soon realised this was a whole other ball game, but being intuitive as I am I decided to make the most of this monster and I can honestly say it was the best experience of my life, well done vegetable, definitely not suitable for vegans if you know what I mean.”

The shop started selling sex toys in 2009 and at the time the shop said this was because people were spending more time at home due to the economic downturn. It is not clear when they partnered with VeganToys but we’ve contacted them both to find out.

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Meanwhile, all the ‘vegetables’ on sale cost £16.95.

Just don’t get them mixed up.

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