Hollywood producers: Here's the plot for your next romantic comedy

Hollywood producers: Here's the plot for your next romantic comedy

An Australian backpacker is in a bit of a pickle. Earlier this year an anonymous Brisbanite booked round-the-world plane tickets with her then-boyfriend.

Unfortunately, she has now split up with said boyfriend and has discovered that the flights are both non-refundable and non-changeable. Oh dear.

But instead of resting on her laurels, she turned to reddit, under the username Silvanic, to search for a companion willing to buy the tickets off her.

If someone is willing to film it, I'm all in. On a side note, I'm camera shy.

  • Silvanic, on the potential for a movie adaptation.

There is one catch, however. Apart from the fact the tickets cost $6,000, her new friend must be called Andrew Grant because that is the name the other ticket is booked in. Oh dear.

Do you know an Andrew Grant? Are you an Andrew Grant? Want to pay thousands ofAustralian dollars to travel around the world with someone you've never met before?

You can find out about all the details of this most unlikely of adventures here. But hurry, you only have until 26 November before the flight leaves.

Note: Some reddit users have pointed out that even if she does find a willing Andrew Grant, he may also need the same date of birth and passport number as the original... but some of the best Hollywood films are littered with plot holes, so we're willing to gloss over that one for now.

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