Homeless woman who works full time inundated with support after TikTok goes viral

Homeless woman who works full time inundated with support after TikTok goes viral
Formerly homeless man now has a place to call home

A 22-year-old woman turned to TikTok to share the heartfelt realities of working a full-time job and living out of her car.

In the viral clip that racked over 5.1 million views, Home Depot employee Aaliyah (@oc.liyahh) said she worked a 40 hour week. She confessed to taking showers at Planet Fitness and brushing her hair and teeth in a local place with early opening hours.

"[People] wonder why you're always so tired and barely smile," she penned.

A few commentators accused Aaliyah of "faking her homelessness", which prompted her to follow up video.

In the TikTok captioned, "I'm running off 2hrs of sleep literally, I wish it was a f***ing lie", the young woman showed the set up in the car filled with bags of stuff.

She later shared a separate clip in a Planet Fitness locker room, reading: "I hate to go in with a bag and then leaving 15-20 minutes later, with different clothes on."

"But I'm still here to make money so I can eat and even get a hotel sometimes." #fypシ #viraltiktok


#fypシ #viraltiktok

#fypシ #viraltiktok

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Many people turned to the clip to share supportive messages. Shockingly, far too many women shared similar experiences.

"Girl I've been there, keep it up," one said. "You're gonna get back up on your feet, I promise."

Another said they too were forced to sleep in their car while working two jobs. "Now I own a small business owner my house and two vehicles," they added.

One TikToker added: "That was me once upon a time.. let me tell you baby girl ain't no way to go but up now! I truly wish you the best in your future endeavours."

Others shed light on Home Depot's Homer Fund, which "provides financial assistance to associates facing unexpected hardships."

I’m beyond GRATEFUL 💯 #fypシ #homerfund


I’m beyond GRATEFUL 💯 #fypシ #homerfund

I’m beyond GRATEFUL 💯 #fypシ #homerfund

In a positive turn of events, Aaliyah thanked everyone who recommended the Homer Fund, adding that she is "beyond grateful."

She said: "I wanna thank the homer fund and everybody who suggested it, with everybody's support they reached out to me and gave me emergency funding to get a hotel for some time. Hopefully, I'll get permanent housing."

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