Woman turning up to a McDonald’s drive-thru on her horse is the best thing you’ll see today

Sometimes you see something so out of the ordinary that you question your own sanity and your eyesight – in that order.

That’s how one Welsh dad felt when he spotted a woman trotting through a McDonald’s drive-thru on her

Simon White, 46, was baffled when he spotted the bizarre sight at the McDonald’s in Blackwood, Caerphilly yesterday.

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Gobsmacked, the dad-of-three snapped photos of the woman horsing around the drive-thru, clad in a mustard puffer jacket and riding boots as she casually queued up in between cars while perched on top of her trusty steed.

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Purse in hand, she made her payment to the cashier while the horse waited patiently.

After getting her meal, Simon later saw her enjoying a burger.

Simon shared the hilarious snaps to Facebook with the caption: “Well I’ve seen it all now... only in the valleys.”

People absolutely loved the pictures, with Simon’s post quickly racking up almost 1,000 shares and 180 likes.

“Looks like the horse prefers KFC,” one Facebook user quipped.

Seeing an opportunity for a pun, another joked: “Probably just wants a Chicken Mc-neigh-get meal…”

Others praised the horse’s calm demeanour, with one woman remarking: “Lol my horse would be in the window wanting food!”

Although we typically only see cars in drive-thrus, as far as we know McDonald’s doesn’t have a policy over how much horsepower a “vehicle” should have. It seems one horsepower was enough for this special type model of mustang.

This isn’t the first time we’ve spotted horses in surprising places. In September during the fuel shortage, we wrote about a man who took his four-legged mode of transport to a filling station.

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