An ex-hotel worker reveals why you should never use the glasses in your room

An ex-hotel worker reveals why you should never use the glasses in your room
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An ex-hotel employee took to TikTok to divulge some secrets about hotels that might change your mind about what you do in the room— and it involves drinking glasses.

Janessa Richard,  a former US hotel worker, has gone viral for posting clips that talk about what she’s learned from working for a hotel. Some of the confessions are a bit gross.

“So, I used to work in a hotel a few years ago, and I thought it would be fun to make a video and tell you guys secrets end confessions about hotels that you may not know coming from an ex-hotel employee,” she begins.

Despite this, throughout the videos, she states that her commentary is based on her personal experiences working at the hotel and is most likely not the case for all hotels.

Janessa Richard, a former hotel worker shares secrets and confessions about hotelsPhoto courtesy of @janessarichard/TikTok

On the topic of drinking glasses, Richard had this to say:

“Almost every standard room you book comes with a water bottle and drinking glasses. I would not recommend drink into those glasses because they’re often not changed in between guests as long as they look ‘clean’.”

“Obviously, if they’ve been used, they will replace them with clean ones. But if they’re clean or haven’t been drank out of, they will leave it there for the next guest….”.

Richard also talks about the comforters and duvets themselves in hotels.

”Most hotels do not wash duvets or comforters in between guests. They wash it maybe only once a year.”

She then adds: “Don’t go lay on top of the duvet. Take that off because there are so many germs.”

“I have always thought the duvet/comforter never got washed and I have been using hotel rooms for 30+ years... this confirms it...thanks,” wrote a commenter.

Richard other videos talk about some other secrets of working in hotels, such as tot changing the toilet paper rolls in between guests to the carpets are rarely washed and deep cleaned, so it’s best not to be barefoot.

“Buy a can of Lysol and spray everything!” wrote another commenter, to which Richard commented, “YES.”

Are there any silver linings to hotels after this?

Richard notes that if you are a “very nice Patron and you are liked, you could be upgraded to a suite at “no additional cost” as long as there’s availability. She also says that there is a “100 per cent satisfaction guarantee”, which means if you find something you don’t like, the manager might be able to comp the room.

Interesting tips! What are your thoughts about these hotel confessions?

Watch the first video in her hotel confessions series here.

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