'What on earth is going on in the House of Commons?' TikTok trend explained

'What on earth is going on in the House of Commons?' TikTok trend explained
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TikTok is renowned for birthing trends across the globe. They can be incredibly useful, from home hacks to life's shortcuts you wish you had discovered earlier. Other times, they can feel completely random, but that doesn't stop virality in its tracks.

The latest trending sound on the platform is: "What on earth is going on in the House of Commons?"

But what does it mean, and where did it all start?

The phrase was borrowed from ITV's Tom Bradby, which has since blown up as a humorous way to describe an unexpected scenario or state of confusion.

After ITV News at Ten's bong from London's Big Ben, Bradby rightfully asked the question on the nation's mind.

Earlier in May, the London Metropolitan Police said they had received a report relating to sexual offences committed between 2002 and 2009. The man was said to be an unnamed member of the Tory Party in the House of Commons, who was arrested on suspicion of indecent assault, sexual assault, rape, abuse of a position of trust and misconduct in public office.

Here is a snippet from the original ITV footage:


What next #fyp #funny #news #borisjohnson

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The phrase has since exploded across the platform, with one of the earliest known exampled from TikTok user @elysachristinarose.

Using the audio, she penned: "When I get back from an eight hour shit to see 53 messages, 32 F1 memes, a long argument, a random cat, parental trauma, cancelled plans, a steam train and someone's boobs in the group chat."


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Despite the audio first reaching the platform a few months back, it appears to still have TikTok in a chokehold.


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I hope this is relatable #fyp


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Inspired by a true story

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