How you can use the 1/11 portal to kickstart your 2023?

Why Did the Moon Disappear in the Year 1110?

It's January 11. And while this might mean nothing to some, others are using it as an opportunity to "claim their desire" using the magical 111 portal.

The date reads "11123", which is significant to those who believe in the power of angel numbers. A viral TikTok from manifestation and self-love coach Hallie Avolio (@sassyhealthyfit) delves into its significance further.

"In numerology, number 111 signifies new beginnings and a fresh start," Hallie says before explaining that number 111 is "the number of 'I Am'... It's the universal gateway to claiming that everything you desire is already yours."

The TikToker called today the "first manifestation day of 2023," a time to "claim your desire, to get detailed about how this will change your life, and to be grateful for everything that you have right now in this moment."

Hallie claimed to have experienced "so many" quantum Leap manifestations simply by "tapping into the energy of what [she] desires in great detail."

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January 11 is the 111 portal. This is the first magical manifestation day of 2023. This is time to claim your desire, to get detailed about how this will change your life, and to be grateful for everything that you have right now in this moment. I have experienced so many quantum Leap manifestations by tapping into the energy of what I desire in great detail, and then being grateful in the moment this manifestation technique is simple and fun and works every time. ▶️Why not treat yourself to my 21 day affirmation reset challenge to follow up this practice and really drive home your manifestations! This course is self-paced, and so effective! Everyone that participates has loved it, and I seen major changes happen in their lives in only 21 days. All the information is in my profile. ◀️ Make sure to follow along for more 111 affirmations and high vibes! I can’t wait to hear what you are grateful for in the comments. ##manifestation##spiritualtiktok##spirituality##111##journaling##lawofattraction

But how does one do it?

According to Hallie, you must "claim your desires" by writing them down and saying "this is exactly what it is that I'm calling in, in 2023".

Step two of the process requires people to get into the details of the goal. "How does it make you feel? Does it have a colour? Does it have a scent? Does it have a taste?" Hallie asked, while advising viewers to make a note of it all.

"The more emotional, the better," she added.

For the third and final step, people need to say 11 things that they are grateful for, as it "taps into the energy of gratitude".

The clip, which racked up a staggering 1.7 million, was soon inundated with comments from fellow believers "claiming the energy".

"Me and my sister see 11.11 all the time and send it to each other everyday- we also have a 11.11 necklace which we wear. I am grateful for all," one person wrote.

"I saw 11:11 today and every time I see it, I say all my manifestations out loud and claim that they mine and the universe will give it to me," another shared.

Meanwhile, a third added: "I am grateful for all of the affirmation that came my way, and thanks for all the protection, love life, health relationship."

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